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Default Re: OT: Procrastination is a *****

Originally Posted by geeWiz15
procrastination is the best.

I can't work without a deadline breathing down on my ass. if I actually spaced out my efforts level throughout the time I had, only the work I did the last day would be decent and I'd have to do it all over again anyway. I just can't work without pressure. it brings out the best in me. always has.

I totally agree with you. When there is something else that I can be doing (ex. watching a ballgame) then I'm going to go with the option that's more fun. However, when I have no choice, and the clock is ticking, that's when I do my best work. It's like, "I HAVE to do this." I start to sweat a little bit, my heart starts to race, and I can put more passion into it.
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