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Originally Posted by Rameek

Withey PF I dont think he has Center frame or possible weight and strength to play at the NBA level. He is an athletic hustle player explosive player can thrive in up and down court system when chaos happens.

Only thing I have to question is Withey because in college he showed to be an unathletic stiff who excelled as a shot blocker only because he could stand under the rim the entire game. I never saw him actually step out and get blocks that made me think he'd be a force at it in the NBA. He just sat there and swatted whatever came his way into the paint, but the 3 second rule will hinder that ability on this level.

He kinda reminds me of Chris Mihm. Not sure if its just look, but I definetly think he could also have a 8-10 year NBA career off the bench like him.
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