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Originally Posted by Rowe
If we get a late round pick what do you think about Durand Scott?

Always thought he had a game that projected immediately to the NBA but lacked the wow factor physically for him to leave early. Finished all 4 years with a highly productive and efficient career, and last season he showed he could be a defender/3PT shooter for Miami.

You could leave Shump as a 3/2 player to start next season.

I like Durand. He's one of those tough NY guards. My only worries with him is A. His jump shot is inconsistent and B. His lack of NBA athleticism. Is he going to be able to finish in traffic in the NBA. He's strong as a bull though and plays with a nice pace to his game.

I think we could also by a pick from a team with a really late 1st. A lot of those teams really don't want to have to add a guaranteed contract to their books because they aren't going to spend the time developing talent like lottery teams will.
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