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Default Re: Alex Len out for 4-6 months

these injuries are common in young players who are playing very frequently. The fact that Len is yet to turn 20 and is still growing into his body doesn't necessarily indicate to me that this will be a chronic problem. If this had happened to him in 5 or 6 years, yea absolutely. But for now I don't think this is a major issue. Brook Lopez had a stress fracture in his foot and missed last season and came back this season stronger than before. However, Yao had the same injury in his mid to late 20s and never recovered. Same with Rasheed this season, and dude simply retired. It's a much different injury depending on where you are in your career, and Len, having relatively insignificant miles on his body, is probably going to bounce back from this pretty easily with the help of the best trainers in the world.

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