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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
I almost like doing that better.

In reply to the other post too, I don't think Oladipo will be around at #7. The choices are just too slim on the perimeter this year. I really don't see him as the next Dwayne Wade. Little SG's scare me. He has a huge chance of ending up just as injury prone as Wade. Zeller is a freak athlete. Didn't he just measure the highest vertical of anybody over 6'9" in years? He may not be around at #7 even.

The other thing with a trade with OKC is they have Jeremy Lamb too. I'm not really sure why he didn't get more playing time this year but he's a guy who could potentially fit at SG with us too.

Lamb's pretty young and was behind guys like Martin,Jackson and even Thabo. Its hard to break in rookies, especially ones who left as sophomores, on a title contender. I'd like to get him, but they say they expect big things from him this year.

Oladipo isn't small. He's 6'4, solidly built and has freakish length and athleticism. He's rarely going to see an opposing SG more than an inch taller than him and often he'll be taller. I'm not going to not draft a guy based on the idea that he might become injury prone, but for no specific reason.

He's not Wade though, never thought he was. I can't think of a great comparison. Tony Allen pre-injury with better shooting or something like that I guess. I think he'd be a fantastic fit here. Defintely not there at 7 though.
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