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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by dd24
It sounds like the Mavericks want to get rid of their 1st round pick (#13). They want to clear cap space so they can't take on any money meaning they would have to trade it to a team under the cap. I would think they could trade it to the Pistons for their second round picks. Then they could draft some overseas players and leave them over there for a year or two so they don't have to sign them right away. That would give us #8 and #13, we could possibly package those and move up to get a guy like Burke, Porter, or McLemore. Or we could just keep the two first rounders and go after Shabazz and someone like Hardaway Jr or Rice Jr.

We'd have to take Marion and his 9.2 million dollar salary. We saved 13 or 14 mil by trading Gordon and giving up our 1st rounder next year, so it'd be a net gain and I'd probably do it.

I also wonder if something like Jerebko and both 2nds for Marion and Cunningham(10.5 combined salary) woudl get it done. Save them 6 mil, give them 2 cheap picks(could stash one overseas and trade another for a future 2nd if they didn't want them this year) and a useful player in JJ who is probably better than Marion at this point.

Then maybe we grab something like Zeller/Bennett and Caldwell-Pope/Rice/Shabazz, or whatever you prefer.
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