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Default Re: Microsoft to unveil new Xbox on May 21

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
lol i dont think a game even exists. if you go to their website, all the EA games have footage of their new "IGNITE" engine, except for LIVE.

EA is garbage, their best minds left to 2K years ago and it shows. If this game isn't a major success, I don't think they'll be able to renew their license with the NBAPA. Kinda bad considering no competition will give 2K no incentive to introduce new gameplay elements. Either way EA sucks.

Best thing about this is the NCAA rights will be up once gaming on the next-gen is here. Next gen NCAA 2K game??? A man can only dream...
I haven't subscribed much to the idea of NBA video game companies ceasing to try to improve when there's a lack of competition. However, I do think those lone companies may be more likely to experiment and perhaps depart from the safe and true gameplan. I think 2K's done a little bit of that with their dabbling into their golden coins system and MyTeam. Both have little to do with the actual NBA experience but being the lead dog, it feels like 2K's taking a little liberty to get out and experiment a little bit.

That said, I'm cool with one company making a sports game as long as the company's making a game I like. Unfortunately, MVP '05 was my favorite baseball series and NFL 2K was my favorite football series. Also, NBA 2K13's slight direction skew worries me a little bit. If they continue moving in the direction that reminds me of old NBA Live games (find the most popular artists to do your soundtracks, find what's most popular on Facebook and make that your game's primary focus, etc.) I'm going to be yearning for an alternative, just as I did when NBA Live 2002 came up so short to me over ten years ago.
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