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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I played Infinite first and aside from an Easter Egg that harkens back to the original at one point (that I was able to appreciate anyway because it merely requires you be familiar with the primary gist of the first game), I don't think there's much to lose from playing Infinite first.

I just finished Bioshock 1 a few weeks ago. Your gaming interests sound very similar to my own (GTA and RDR are some of the select few non-sports games in my catalog) and as previously alluded, I'm not a big sci-fi guy. So with that in mind, I must tell you Bioshock 1 felt way more sci-fi than Infinite. The first one is darker, bleaker, colder, creepier, fuller of zombie-like opposition, all of that.

Real deal Bioshock fans likely would have a lot to say in a "Bio 1 vs. Infinite debate" but as someone like you, I must say I very much preferred Infinite. I'd probably recommend playing that one first if you're not big into all the sci-fi stuff. I preferred Infinite's story, setting, atmosphere, controls, gameplay... just about everything aside from the inability to upgrade weapons with neat things added on like what could be done in the original.
Yeah, I remember doing some reading on the original Bioshock when I was thinking about buying Infinite, and it looked a lot different than the trailers I saw for Infinite. I'll probably give it a go eventually but may not ever fully take to it. Kind of how I was with the Undead DLC that came with my copy of RDR. I mean I enjoyed it, but never felt compelled to keep coming back to it after I played it, the way I did with the actual game.

Just briefly going through the early stages if Infinite, and I'm enjoying it. It's taking me a little bit to get the controls down; RDR was the same way and that eventually became second nature. But I've already been killed a few times trying to find the girl.

This can be for you or others that've played it, but do you use your guns more or the spells (or whatever they're called) more?
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