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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus

Then maybe we grab something like Zeller/Bennett and Caldwell-Pope/Rice/Shabazz, or whatever you prefer.

You think Zeller would be happy to be the first big off the bench as he wouldn't be a starter as long as moose and Dre are in town?

Do you think Bennett could potentially play the 3?

If no to both questions I am not sure why we would waste a pick on a front court player.

At #8, depending on his workouts, I think Shabazz could be worth the risk... He was the #1 prospect 6 months ago for a reason. He does have quite a bit of potential...

I do like Caldwell too... #8 might be too high to take him though - more of a 10-15 range player..
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