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Here's my comments for the guys...

Raymond Felton - No playing ball with the family in SC this summer. You need to rest some of the bumps and bruises then work with a trainer. You're excellent when your weight is down, and just ok when it is up. Be excellent, not just ok.

Pablo Prigioni - You need to get stronger. You got shoved around too easily this season.

Iman Shumpert - Got job coming back from the injury. Watch a lot of Tony Allen in the remainer of the playoffs. He is the poor man's version of what you can become. You have the same sort of defensive upside he does but better "ball skills" offensively.

Carmelo Anthony - You need to get back to being the inside-outside threat you are supposed to be. I know there are some things interfering with it but still. Look at how Paul Pierce was able to

Tyson Chandler - We need better from you. We don't need more but we do need better.Offensively we need you to be like Robert Parrish was in his Celtic days. Stay out the way, set good screens, and get a good post seal for an easy score when your defender is half-assing it against you. Defensively, stop relying on athleticism and start playing smarter. Marc Gasol isn't great because of his athleticism, he's a great defender because he sees the action and gets there early.

Chris Copeland - You were a pleasant surprise. I know everyone is going to tell you to work on a million things this summer, ignore them. They are idiots who will stunt your career. The media talks about the stars but in reality this league is all about the specialist. Your best bet would be focusing on becoming a Defensive Sniper. It's the role that kept Bruce Bowen in the league. Focus on becoming a dead-eye from three-point range, especially in the corners. If you can develop the ability to attack defenders off the bounce when they close out you will get a Stephen Jackson-esque payday. Probably not from us cause we're capped out. *Insert mutual laughter* Defensively just defend smarter. Don't try and smother guys using ahtletic ability cause that fades over time. Defend intelligently a la Shane Battier. That guy couldn't jump over a deck of cards or out run a sloth but he was the most effective defender in the game for years.

Jason Kidd - Thanks for your hard work this year, and for entertaining the league for almost two decades. If you agree with us that it is in your best interest to retire we'd like to give you a public relations position with the team.

Kenyon Martin - We had no clue you would be as important to this team as you ended up being. We want you here but we need better decision making and leadership from you.

Steve Novak - Until we start getting a consistent defensive effort from you there is no space for you on this club. We don't expect you to become a lights out defender or rebounder but we do expect effort.

Quentin Richardson - Sorry we couldn't get you to the Finals. Watch after Shump when you guys get to Chicago. That kid has the potential to be an excellent player but it is clear he has a follower streak in him fighting his leadership potential.

J.R.Smith - Congratulations on 6th Man of the Year. Kobe Bryant can be a hardass but we know you'll enjoy being a Laker.

Amare Stoudemire - Contact Ganon Baker. This summer work exclusively from the post-up "kill boxes." It's Ganon's term so he'll explain. Also be the leader you've shown glimpses of being. Invite Carmelo and Tyson out so you guys can get on the same page. This franchise will literally live or die by how effective the three of you become as a trio.

James White - Appreciate your hardwork this season. If you work on your spot-up J from range and defense you can stick in this league.

Marcus Camby - Sad to have this season play out how it did. Once you file the retirement papers we'll have a PR position ready for you.

Earl Barron - we won't have room for you here but Miami will be looking for another big guy soon. We'll give you a good review when they contact us.
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