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Default Re: Official Celtics Off-Season Thread

Originally Posted by PP34Deuce
My opinionated idea.:

-Paul Pierce at this stage is a great 6th man to give you 25-28 great mins. His ego won't allow Green to start, but PP solves 2nd unit scoring.

-PP and KG are package deal, if one goes they both go. I believe after seeing Garnett struggle, he is not going to stay for a rebuild.

-This team needs to get a veteran PG with actual PG Skills. Ainge needs to stop getting combo guards. We need a andre miller type PG who can spell rondo and start 10 games a year.

-This team needs to solidify the SG and C spot. Stop with the combo guards. We need a legit 6'5-6'6 SG who can be consistent and occasionally create off the dribble. ( Klay Thompson is my dream SG for Boston)


so who would you rather have

Steve Adams / Dieng


Hardaway jr / rice jr / Shabazz
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