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Default Kentucky freshmen decline U-19 invitations from USA Basketball

The release of USA Basketball's training camp roster Wednesday afternoon for the U-19 world championships inspired one obvious question: Why weren't any Kentucky players participating?

It's not that USA Basketball wasn't interested or that John Calipari advised against it. Forward Julius Randle, guards Andrew and Aaron Harrison and the rest of the members of Kentucky's top-ranked recruiting class simply preferred to spend the summer getting acclimated to college life and preparing for a run at the national title.

"Most of it is, they didnít want to play. Iím not forcing kids to do anything," Calipari told Sporting News. "I think the reason they all turned it down is, they want to get started."

"Iím happy theyíre thinking in those terms. They know the spotlightís on them."

-- Yahoo
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