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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy season 5

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
The problem I had with this season is that is was way too violent as opposed to the others. You have to suspend reality with this show and I hate that. With all the killings going on in and around Charming, you'd assume government officials would order martial law or something and get the national guard in there.

Also, there were too many storylines going on at once. It's hard to sink your teeth into a character and really relate when you're drawn away by the drama of another that I feel is quite unnecessary. This should have been the season where Clay was seen from the least, but then he goes crazy rogue and conspires to infiltrate the gang with his own guys.....I mean c'mon.

I don't think the body count was that high that they'd be martial law or national guard. Some of the worst inner cities of Chicago or LA for example have ridiculous amounts of violence and nothing is done about it. Charming is a butt **** town of no importance that wouldn't register on the national radar and I wouldn't expect the amount of bodies dropping to be anything out of the ordinary when it comes to biker gangs and violence. And season for they did have the RICO case over them so it's not like they were totally unnoticed by the government at all.

I didn't feel that there were too many story lines going on because the central focus was always Jax and no matter how much he tries to distance himself from the club he gets in deeper and is turning into Clay. And you can't have SOA without Clay, he's just being his usual sneaky scheming self. It just goes to show you despite getting a lease on life some people will never change.
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