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Default Re: do air jordan releases still draw a long line?

People who line-up for Jordans today are fools. All you have to do is wait a couple of years and they will retro them...again, Then again!
I feel so violated but what the Jordan corperation has done with the retro collection. From all the loss sleep and constant research, relationship building that I've worked for to build my collection, all I had to do was wait and it gets retroed over and over. And trust me, the quality gets worse, and they charge more.
The shoes I've collected over the years I used to be able to be able to get at least double the value at the time, now I'm lucky to get retail. I tried to sell a guy an OG pair or retro XI cool greys a couple of Chrsimats's ago and kid was like, naw, I'm just going to line up for the retros.
To put into perspective how much demand is for Jordans, go to any open gym and check out what kicks people are wearing. It's all about Kobe's, Adidas, KD's....nobody wears Jordans anymore. Only collectors and resellers. Jordan is dead to me. i've even put my shoes on consignment trying to unload them.
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