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Default Re: do air jordan releases still draw a long line?

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
Every retro release is highly anticipated and forces a buyer to line up though. Especially when you have rappers who send out their cliques to buy multiple pairs for them since it's limited to 1 per customer.

And, yeah, it's a shame about the declining quality. Are these things even comfortable to wear anymore? Jordans used to feel so luxurious and plush on the feet. I haven't tried on a pair in over a decade, so I have no idea how these modern retros feel.

They aren't assembled for durability anymore. The stitching is more made for the mantle, the material for casual walking. Yet they charge more because they are sought after from collectors. what the collectors don't realize the value no longer and hasn't been therein the last 5 years. I'll keep certain pairs just for the nostalgia and sentiment, but no longer does my collection hold value.

As for comfort, today's technology has far surpassed anything made before it. Shoes are lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable that they've ever been. I'd wear my Derrick rose all-stars over my AJ XI 10 out of 10 times any day.
Here's my collection (this was in 2005 so I've grown it since then) if you're interested, and it doesn't include my And 1's, adiadas, pumus, Fila, converse, and non-jordan stuff.

BTW, HWL, you've become somewhat of my predecessor on here. You're a supplement junkie, a shoe junkie, you have the same demenor, you're like the little bro I've never had on here.

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