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Default Re: Interesting Argument (Melo and Durant)

Originally Posted by knickscity
Didn't see the show, what was there reasoning behind the choice?
The premise was about the ALL NBA team and Melo being left off. They couldnt see taking off LBJ or Durant. But after what happened in the playoffs Durant kind of went a notch down. Then it became who is Melo's side kick compared to Durant's. So after they acknowledged Westbrook going down how Durant wasnt as great (which I disagree with) the argument can be made that Melo is a better scorer than Durant. THen they looked at how inefficient Durant was in comparison to with and without Westbrook. They said the numbers were close and that the 2 assist more for Durant can be offset by the 2 more rebounds that Melo gets during the regular season. So then they said based on those factors who would they take and it was a resounding Melo.

I do think Westbrook's aggressiveness helps Durant tremendously to help carry the load. I do think in the playoffs its hard to adjust Durant's game on the fly in the playoffs.

I dont know if Melo could still be the scorer he is with another all star caliber player because we havent seen it happen much. I have seen Melo let others get their rocks off instead of himself with Stat but never seen too many 25 pt games while Stat got 18 pt plus. I do think Melo can adjust his game for another player but I dont know if he can maintain his scoring ability within an offense that's based on ball movement and quick decisions.

If you look at the numbers though give me what Durant can do for the team over what Melo does all day everyday. He puts his teammates in position to be successful and he normally makes the right basketball play.

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