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Default Re: How did you learn to shoot a basketball efficiently?

Originally Posted by CanYouDigIt
I'm still developing a proper jumpshot. I am very inconstant at shooting, especially from the 3PT line. Does anyone have tips on how I should shoot the ball better? My hands aren't all that big, are people with smaller hands meant to shoot a basketball?

My tip is don't try to imitate some other players. What they are doing works for them and not necessarily for you.

Even if your shot is not aesthetically pleasing as Ray Allen's, work on the mechanics that most comfortable, most efficient, and most successful to you even if it looks "dorky."

Personally I found coach Hal Wissel to be useful. Even at my advanced age of 34 and after 20 years of practicing, I managed to crack the code for decent shooting. He has 2 channels. My guess he uploaded some videos. He forgot the password and started a new channel:
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