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Default Re: ideas about finding a gym

I went through this pretty recently. Calling you're towns rec department is a good place to start. They do the scheduling for all the local youth teams, and if you're willing to pay, they can usually do it. It may be a little expensive, but if you can scrape together 8-12 consistent guys, 100 bucks can get you a night a week for the summer.

But that's not easy, and it may be more money than you want to give up, and if you're really working out, that may not be enough alone time.

Volunteering as an assistant coach in a church youth league is a great experience for a bunch of reasons. You'd be shocked how much you'd learn trying to teach kids things you think you already know. And while you may not be trusted enough right off the bat, usually half a season into it, assuming you're a good guy, a coach would trust you with a key, and if you don't take advantage, you can have access to a gym for the years you do it. It's great thing to to in HS if you're local seasons don't overlap.
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