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Originally Posted by KG215
Played for about another hour today. Thinking about going back and restarting, though, because my first go through yesterday (about an hour) I just kept running forward until I got stopped in a gun fight, or something else. Got too nervous, I guess, and thought more officers would come if I didn't keep going, so I never stopped to explore and look around. Found out today, though, that after I clear all the officers or whatever from a particular area, I can look around and find salts, silver eagles, etc.

I have gotten a lot more comfortable with mixing using my guns and vigors. You'd probably think I'm still pretty bad if you watched me, but I got through quite a few battles today with only getting killed one time. Maybe it's the bright and sunny atmosphere in an old-timey world, but the vigors do feel a bit out of place; even knowing the entire game is based in a land floating in the sky they still seem a bit off. I suck at using them correctly, too, so that may have something to do with it. I think I've successfully set a fireball trap once and a crow's nest trap once. Every other time I end up throwing them somewhere so far off target, they never come into play.

A few questions:

1.) The important are those? Because, in my haste of just running, shooting, and running some more the first portion of the game, I'm pretty sure I missed some of them. I mean they're pretty much just more story/background and not actually crucial to advancing in the game, right? I'm not going to miss something if I don't get them and and listen to them am I?

2.) Hours wise, how long did take you to beat the game? I've probably played about 2 hours total, and still haven't gotten to Elizabeth. I just got through the part where you get on Comstock's zeppelin, set it on fire and escaped, and called it quits at the gate to Monument Island. That's where Elizabeth is so two things: 1.) Does it still take a little while to find her and 2.) After I find her there's still more to the game, right?

I know I could find this stuff by just looking it up, but I'm afraid it'll consist of me reading through a walkthrough, and I don't want to that because it kind of ruins the element of surprise that's there the first time you go through a game.
I'll say one of the things I convinced myself to do upon starting Infinite was to let myself get lost in the world, so to speak. I think that's half the fun. I didn't want to try to get to the end as soon as possible, because I think that nullifies a lot of the things the game does so well. In fact, it took me a while just to walk to and through the lighthouse at the beginning. I figured if I was going to break down and give this game a shot, I might as well try to maximize the experience.

So I don't know if that means you should start over or anything, but I felt examining the environment, discovering things, and letting the game come to you really paid off with this title. It almost got to the point where, when the game finally jumps off at the fair, I was kind of disappointed to say goodbye to the established atmosphere. If nothing else, looking around your environment will lead to the aforementioned discovery of everything from money, health, weapons, and upgrades (the last of which can be quite beneficial). The enemies are not the "always-re-spawning" type so once the fight music wraps up, you're usually free to look about your area without much of an issue, though that doesn't mean you might not come across two unsuspecting soldiers in the bathroom from time to time.

The voxophones are pretty well done in the sense that they can truly enrich the story and fill in blanks, but you're not going to be at a complete loss if you miss some. The ones most integral to the storyline are pretty much placed directly in your path. Still, they almost all have something worthwhile to offer in terms of piecing together the story. I'd recommend looking for them. There's also a trophy/achievement for finding all of them.

Regarding the length of the game, I think it depends how you're playing it. If you're running from spot to spot, not searching or discovery anything, and just looking for gun action, it's still a pretty lengthy game. And if you actually proceed at a slower pace, basking in your surroundings and discovering all their fun little ins and outs, the time will obviously increase. If you're two hours into the game, you still have a lonnnnggg way to go. I mean that in the best sense though. There's still a lot of great stuff left.

If I had to guess, with combing my environment (I was worried about not having enough money for things so I was even searching trash cans), I have to think the game took me 25-30 glorious hours. I'm terrible at keeping track of that stuff though so maybe it was 20-25, or 15-20, ha.

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