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Default Re: do air jordan releases still draw a long line?

Originally Posted by hateraid
There are line-ups for some of the iconic pairs ie: XI cool greys, space jams, concordes, III fire reds... nobody is lining up for shoes like the V grapes and other off colorways anymore, at least not around here. And if you look at the people who are lining up, yes they are fools, maybe more like sheep, herding to something they think has value. If they were smart they could probably research and get an OG pair off Flighclub or ebay. But comparing to the line-ups back in the time of the original OG retros, that was when it was the pinnacle of collecting.

I guess it just depends where you live. The Grape Vs were highly sought after here. As for lining up, if that's how they are being released, people line up. But for safety reasons, most releases herenhave been either raffle or RSVP.

I love sneakers but not enough to pay flightclub and eBay resell prices

The landscape of the people buying now has completely changed. It's not the shoeheads or basketball players, it's resellers and hipsters that buy the shoes now. I just recently unloaded some space jams for $300. I told the guy to meet me at the gym. He meets me and the kid looked like a total hipster. Even rode in on his skateboard. Inspected the shoes and looked for the typical collector things and gives me what I asked. I asked him if he wanted to stick around and play. he says naw man, I don't play ball. these are the people lining up.
Completely agree. I have some friends, who use to tease me in high school for always picking up Jordans. Well these days those same friends are all about Jordans

I wish they did, or just quit the retro game all together and just focus on marketing, aquiring new athletes and building the brand. I bet if the did that they could sell any iconic retro for $500 a pair every ten years and sell twice as many units and still carry a reputable brand for basketballers.

Highly disagree here. I absolutely love the Retro collection. To me, they're the best looking sneakers. Simple but at the same time, fashionable. I don't like a lot of these new sneakers today because some just have too much going on. I'll hoop in them, but wear Jordans when I go out.

Not even just Jordan Retros, but everybody else bringing back classics. This year has been great for a retro lover like me as they've brought back the Fila Grant Hills, RBK Shaq Attaqs and the Answer/Question line. And later this year, the Dikembes

As for new athletes and such, they do have Melo and CP3 signature shoes and D Wade before he left for Li Ning. I believe Blake Griffin is with Jordan as well. Problem is, Jordan is such an iconic brand, that's it hard for someone else come out from under the shadows of Jordan brand. You can see how the Lebron and Kobe signature lines have been successful.

There have been some nice non Jordan Retros, they just don't get much love because they are not Retros. Which is fine with me because I don't buy my kicks based on hype.
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