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Default Re: Bulls medical staff is a joke but I expect Go Getter to say I'm not being a real fan

Originally Posted by SnakePlissken

This medical staff is a f*cking joke! I wish this organization was actually run by people who know how to run an NBA team.

Look at this guys credits:

And there's this:

F*cking idiot. What a joke. Come on though, let's hear it Go Getter. I'm not being a real fan because I'm calling out their crappy medical staff?

1.) Asik is fine now and had no ill lingering effects--he had a career year this year.
2.) Maybe the mistakes the staff made in the past is what made them treat Rose with kid gloves so it could be a good thing.

No matter what YOU will NEVER get me to say a bad thing about my Bulls so stop trying and STFU talking to me please and thank you.
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