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Originally Posted by wang4three
The Mavs are strong at gaurd, why keep Jerry? To keep the team stacked, of course. It'd be stupid not to stock up on quality frontcourt players if you can. Especially with ones with great defensive ability and known to have Finals' experience. Jerry was suspended a game that they might and probably could've won if he was there. Whether you agree with the suspension or not. Kenyon has played well in the Finals the two years there, aside from the flu game.

I wouldn't label KMart as having great defensive ability, and as far as that defense down low was not their problem. It was trying to stop DWade. Kmart played well in the Finals in NJ where he was on a team that pushed the ball and found him on the break, on a team like that he was really good, but in Denver where they do not play that way he has done nothing and it would be the same in Big D.
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