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w/ my L pass last year i noticed haywood was trying a little baby hook alot,
don't discuss Haywood's offense with me; I just ate.

[ps. How do you pronounce Blatche? I thought it was Bla-chee but then on 2K6 they said Blaitch.
I'm pretty sure it's just "latch" with a B. There's a chance it might be "BLAH-ch" but I know it's not any of the 2 you said. I am pretty sure Wiz announcers said "b-latch"

Isn't that what Antonio Daniels was supposed to do? I really don't see either of those guys being much of a help to the Wiz.
Daniels is old. I want a long-term starting PG (not a SG who can't shoot and is fast enough to defend PGs) so Gilbert can be a permanent 2, and I want him to be big. Daniels can teach Williams a thing or two for a couple years and then come off the bench. They're a hell of a lot more helpful than a euro big man whose afriad of the paint and wont' come over till 2007 and even then will be rawer than sushi.

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