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I think some of you overvalue Knick players...

The Knicks could have made a good play for Gortat Beasley because they were so unhappy. Who knows what Jeff Hornacek plans are if he becomes the next coach.

I would trade almost any player on this roster to get Dragic Gortat... Even if that meant taking Beasley. I would take Frye as well but I think there are only a couple of scenarios where the Knicks would get the salary relief.

If the Suns would take the package of Felton, Shump, Chandler for Dragic, Gortat, Beasley I'm all for it. Now I would hesitate only if this would require the Knicks giving up a pick.

The Kevin Love scenario intrigues me the most but that could only happen if he requested and demanded a trade to the Knicks.

Originally Posted by Da KO King
No team is going to trade anything within the top 7 of the draft for anything on the Knicks.

Gorgui Dieng is going to be a non-factor in the NBA. Does not have a NBA ready skill, all his positives are based on athletic ability, and despite being in college three years has no skills on the offensive end though he is a better/more willing passer than he gets credit for being.

If the Knicks had more quality on the depth chart they could take a flier on Dieng in the first. With Chandler being the only quality big guy the team will definitely get back they can't take risk with the first round pick they have.

They need to draft a perimeter guy that can be top 7 rotation by the all star break or an interior guy that be an effective guy off the bench when the playoffs start.

I think the Knicks should take the best player available but in no way do I want them targeting a perimeter guy if that makes sense. If they had to target a player by need it better be a front court player.

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