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Default Re: Who should Pistons draft in 2013 NBA Draft?

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
We'd have to take Marion and his 9.2 million dollar salary. We saved 13 or 14 mil by trading Gordon and giving up our 1st rounder next year, so it'd be a net gain and I'd probably do it.

I also wonder if something like Jerebko and both 2nds for Marion and Cunningham(10.5 combined salary) woudl get it done. Save them 6 mil, give them 2 cheap picks(could stash one overseas and trade another for a future 2nd if they didn't want them this year) and a useful player in JJ who is probably better than Marion at this point.

Then maybe we grab something like Zeller/Bennett and Caldwell-Pope/Rice/Shabazz, or whatever you prefer.

There's now a rumor that Cleveland might trade for Marion. They would give up 3 of their picks (19, 31, & 33, not the #1 obviously) and he + the #12 pick would be sent to Cleveland. I'm guessing that would fill their hole at SF and then they would draft Noel. That's probably how Dallas goes after Howard too.
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