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Default Re: Glance at Cavs going into draft lottery

I really would like to see us trade the picks. Get someone good for number one. We can afford it. I think getting LaMarcus Aldridge from Portland would be a good one to do. Damien Lillard came aboard, that is his team now and Portland needs to move on anyway. It would of been great to have Aldridge/Roy/Oden (Durant instead of Oden had they went that route) but it didn't work out.

I would love to have DeMarcus Cousins if he wasn't so difficult to deal with and Mike Brown is just not the kind of coach to deal with stuff like that.

Stat is another I have heard but he is so risky now. He's got this huge contract that the Knicks would love to get rid of and we afford him. But, can he still deliver? He was having a great year in 2010-11 until Melo arrived. He just hasn't been the same.
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