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Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
I disagree with the above post on Dieng. At our position in the draft, realistically, we're not going to get a guy who's going to be a stud especially in this draft. Dieng is a rim protector with good rotations and with a pretty sweet jumper. Yea, he's never going to be a guy we can dump the ball into but he can shoot the midrange and will probably be able to give some good minutes - like a poor man's Ibaka.
I just don't see Dieng being very productive. He's going to be selected in a range where you expect to get a long term rotation big. These guys usually have one or two NBA ready skills to go with their weaknesses. What does Dieng do to stay on the floor? Plus he's older than the guy everyone wants to say he compares well to, Serge Ibaka (who I like though I think he's a bit over-rated). I really think grabbing Dieng will be a mistake.

Hopefully he can prove me wrong and have a long productive career.

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
If we can buy a first round pick, I say we also consider taking a flier on Steven Adams from Pittsburgh. He's raw as hell but apparently he's tested off the charts and has been killing it in workouts. There's no back to the basket guys here so trying out a guy with supreme athleticism and size is something I'd be very happy about. Apparently he's also showed much more game than he did in college.
If no one makes a move with the Hawks then the Knicks have an outside chance at Adams, but it isn't a good one. Guys like Adams that are young with potential on both ends of the floor don't usually last to the mid 20s.
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