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Originally Posted by Da KO King
I just don't see Dieng being very productive. He's going to be selected in a range where you expect to get a long term rotation big. These guys usually have one or two NBA ready skills to go with their weaknesses. What does Dieng do to stay on the floor? Plus he's older than the guy everyone wants to say he compares well to, Serge Ibaka (who I like though I think he's a bit over-rated). I really think grabbing Dieng will be a mistake.

Hopefully he can prove me wrong and have a long productive career.

If no one makes a move with the Hawks then the Knicks have an outside chance at Adams, but it isn't a good one. Guys like Adams that are young with potential on both ends of the floor don't usually last to the mid 20s.

That's true about Steven Adams, we'll just have to see haha.

Regarding Dieng though, I personally he brings a lot to the table. He can't post up for sh*t but none of our bigs can so it's not like it'd be a downgrade there.

The reason I like Dieng so much is because I think he fits in perfectly with the Knicks. For one, he's a money jump shooter - considering Melo frequents the post, it's good that Dieng won't clog up the paint. He can't do much else, but then again, compared to Chandler and Martin, he probably fits us better offensively. Actually, although his post game sucks, he's great at kicking it out to shooters which suits us great.

Secondly, he's a very good defender. He's got great size and length, and from what I've seen, he's become a very good perimeter defender from Louisville's crazy ass press defense. On a team with pretty weird switches and schemes like the Knicks have shown, a big guy who can move outside on defense and guard the pick and roll is a pretty big commodity. He's also a great help defender and though he's kind of on the lean side, it's not like there's a ton of post up players in the Eastern Conference to match up with anyways.

I personally don't see the big deal with his age as well. He's not going to improve that much, but he's a solid player with whom you know what you're going to get. By the time he's 33/34, you'll get 10 solid years or so out of him and I think he'd be the perfect first big off the bench for us that could play a lot of minutes.
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