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Steven Adams is a top 10 player in the draft class and the perfect knick

That's why I hate those mock draft sites always being so terrible. Of course he was never going at 25 but they had him there or later often. Same with Saric- both will go lottery, prob top 10

Trey Burke, oladipo, porter are the 3 most over rated players. A couple weeks ago they were the 3,4,5 picks and will now "slide" till draft night. Why have them slide? Those are not guys you take in the top 5 or even maybe 10. Don't put them as top 5 picks and they won't have to slide.

The most under rated draft prospects are Olynyk, Adams, Archie Goodwin, mcCollum, and maybe Saric

All boils down to

1- trade in for olynyk or Steven Adams
2- promise Archie Goodwin now and try to hide him and have a backup plan of a vander blue or Lorenzo brown type.

Archie Goodwin could be an elite level nba point gaurd. Knicks should be working on selling him that idea any getting him to shut it down. Of course I think he is a top 10 player in this draft so maybe he still sees himself going lottery.
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