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Default Re: To some extent, VC is right about the Nets screwed up the Playoffs positions...

If you ask you shall receive...

I think it's kind of delusional to think that the Nets problems were all related to the matchup. The Bulls were missing practically their entire team at times and the Nets folded. There is something wrong with the Nets mix, which might be a function of the coach, might not. But in game 7 the Nets folded up their tents in the first half (made the second half run that is misleading, much like the Knicks often do). That's not a positive sign.

To me the Nets would be better off with an offensive coach whose teams have showed effort on defense, not a defensive coach (NOT SCOTT SKILES). I'm not sure they'd respond to being yelled at all the time, certainly Lopez did not.

I also think if they can move one of the core pieces (Wallace, Evans, Blatche, JJ), anyone aside from Deron or Lopez for a similar piece but a nastier personality they should/ The Nets have a ton of pieces who aren't phased too much by losing. As hard as Evans plays, he doesn't care if he loses. Neither does Blatche or Lopez. Wallace does but he's getting too older. Deron neither. When the Knicks lost Chandler was much too cheery, much too "we'll be ok, it's a stepping stone, etc." Pissed me off. If you look at the Nets, almost EVERY Net said exactly what Chandler said.

I know some of you rag on the Knicks but the Knicks lost because we played a better team. The Nets lost because you packed it in early because winning would have required more effort than they were willing to give.

Note: You wouldn't have beat the Pacers the way they are playing. They are totally different now. If you want to say you'd beat the Knicks, whatever gets you through an alternate tuesday.

Nets should be thrilled they didn't get Josh Smith btw. That's not what you need. You need David West, a nasty guy who wants everyone else to be nasty and might start throwing punches at his own team if they aren't willing to play.
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