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Default Re: Grade Your Team's Offseason

Houston Texans B

Our offseason has been great just because of the drafting of DeAndre Hopkins. I had him as the best receiver in this draft and our passing game might finally be explosive because of it. Teams can no longer just double and bracket coverage against Andre Johnson whose getting up there in age. Our offensive has potential to get back to our 2008-2010 level where we could put up points with the best of them. We also drafted DJ Swearinger which gives us the best safety rotation we've had.

We lost Connor Barwin to the Eagles but I don't really consider that a lost considering the dude was garbage last year and the year before that he was basically average save for a 4-sack game against the Jaguars. We aquired Ed Reed who at this point is a shell of himself but will provide the deep coverage we desperately need. His name itself is already enough for QBs to hesitate throwing deep.

Overall we improved but whether it is enough for us to get to at least the AFC title game remains to be seen. We have the division on lock and most likely a divisional round/top 2 seed on lock but whether we could get past the semi-finals is predicated on how good our offense can be.
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