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Default Damp would have to be involved

I just don't know about all of this talk.

but, if these two things are true...

A) Dallas doesn't mind continuing to be in luxury tax hell down the road
B) Denver would rather have Dampier and his contract and Dallas doesn't want him anymore

then it could be possible.

Dallas trades


to DEN for


I might even go so far as to say Denver would have to throw in a first rounder or something.

While Damp does suck... under the luxury tax this deal sorta ends up allowing Denver an extra MLE down the road. You also have to consider that Denver will be seeing a pure malcontent, dead-weight style KMart as long as they keep him. Damp's deal is bad, but as was mentioned, KMart's is the worst in the league and at least they can get 25 productive minutes from Damp while KMart will likely only cause problems to the point where he will earn no playing time (or sit out on his own).

That's my take.
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