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Default Chris Paul free agency info

Paul, a point guard supreme in a league that has become point-guard-centric, is a free agent. The Clippers can start negotiating with him July 1. With them, he has the right to sign for as many as five years and as much as $107.3 million. If he goes elsewhere, his maximums are four years and $80 million. That $27.3-million edge should be enough.

But, to Paul's credit, he wants a title. And if Paul didn't think Del Negro was the one to take him and his teammates to the NBA's promised land, then $80 million might have sufficed, might still. One thing is indisputable. If Paul had walked into the Clippers' front office, any time in the last few months, and even whispered favorable words about Del Negro, there would have been no change.

-- LA Times
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