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Default Re: To some extent, VC is right about the Nets screwed up the Playoffs positions...

agree, the nets were pretty-much gifted that matchup against the badly-limping bulls. if a team full of star-quality, high-priced vets can't take advantage of that opportunity... well... nothing left to do but make excuses, eh?

wallace and JJ are going to be almost impossible to move. the nets painted themselves in to a corner trying to convince d-will to stay and now there's not much left but to hope the younger guys step up, the next couple of years.

i don't know what type of coach is going to get much more from these guys. this is not like the group of underachievers who merely needed a jason kidd to come along in 2002. the key players are all vets, and it should be well understood by now what type of player lopez is and how to use him best. maybe a super-efficient systems coach or a master-motivator, but those guys are pretty much busy winning already. sloan seems interesting, though, and d-will seemed open to it last i read.

anyway, prokhy needs to take a long look at the concrete ceiling he ordered king to build and take some important lessons from it. next time the nets have flexibility and assets, they must do better... or fall in to the same trap that the knicks chronically fall in to. the nature of the big stage seems to keep getting to these teams.
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