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Default Uncharted 4? At E3 or October 2013 announcement

If any of you played Uncharted 3; in the opening sequence (the bar fight) they had a calendar stated "The Last Of Us". Surprise surprise, subsequently it was a game announced by Naughty Dog (coming on June 14th, 2013).

In the demo of TLOU there is (surprise surprise); a calendar that states "October 2013". I'm 90% sure it's the next installment of the epic Uncharted series. Why? There's a few other hints I gathered.

1) In February, ND had a contest where the winner will be involved (somehow) in the next Uncharted game.
2) Naughty Dog has 2 separate distinct teams that work on different projects; since Uncharted 3, only The Last of Us has been announced; what's the other team doing exactly?
3) It took 2 years for ND to create Uncharted 2 & 3 respectivey. The longer time span it is taking ND can easily be explained by the fact that PS4 is coming out around Holiday season. (It obviously takes longer to create a game for the new console)
4) ND is an exclusive developing company owned by Sony; what better way to boost their console sales then to introduce the next Uncharted on PLAYSTATION 4.

I can't even grasp how good Uncharted 4 will look on PS4; it is (to me) hands down the most beautiful game on the current gen consoles.

Some other people also think they might be creating a new IP or the next Jak (or even Crash) but I don't think it's the right strategy. Uncharted is their ultimate achievement to this point, it makes too much sense for them to introduce the game along side the next generation console.

Gut feeling is saying E3 with release date in October or Novermber, either as a bundle package with PS4 or shortly after the PS4 release date.

During an interview with the lead developer of Naughty Dog; "We're definitely going to continue producing games the fans want most, Uncharted has an overwhelming fan base and it would be detrimental to our prosperity as a gaming company not to listen."

Pretty much confirms there will be Uncharted; I just hope my gut feeling is correct and it will be within the next year, hopefully before Xmas.

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