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Default Re: To some extent, VC is right about the Nets screwed up the Playoffs positions...

yup. prokhy needs to be honest with himself about how this stuff works or else move on. he's already said he might not stick around more than a couple more years. well... fine. he did his part, made the move and the stadium work, and made money on the net worth of the franchise IIRC.

going from zero to 60 only works once in a while with just the right players. d-will was fine on paper except he just couldn't keep his nose out of operations. the dwightmare pursuit also caused the hump re-signing to occur, which quickly became a massive mistake. just a couple years ago we had more cap room and #1 picks than anyone and i thought: great! time to start the right way! which wouldn't have taken as long as normally because of the desirability of NYC and a cutting-edge arena.

the nets would already be an exciting young team right now with major upside if those assets had merely been used in an average way. but noooooooo... NYC and prokhy had to have BIG NAMES. make a BIG SPLASH!
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