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Default How Much You Spending on Video Games in the next 7 months?

Work has been consuming so much of my time, working 12-14 hours at my internship as of late but I also secured a full-time job at BOA.

I start my full time gig in February of 2014 and my internship ends in August, so I'm definitely going to start catching up on games. Going to play Tomb Raider and BioShock (two games I bought a while ago and still haven't played).

But thegames that are slated for the fall are just terrific.
Here's my shopping cart so far:

The Last of Us (June 14, pre-ordered)
Remember Me (June 4, based on initial reviews)
Blacklist (August 20, sure buy)
Madden 14' (August 27, maybe)
GTA 5 (September 17, pre-ordered)
NBA 2K14 (October 1, must buy)
Beyond: Two Souls (October 8, sure buy)
Batman: Arkham Origins (October 25, sure buy)
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (October 29, maybe)
Battlefield 4 (October 29, sure buy)
COD: Ghosts (November 5, sure buy)
Watch Dogs (November 19, pre-order when available)

That's 12 games I am most likely will buy; those are some incredible titles. Easily 7 AAA games (GTA, Watch Dogs, AC, Batman, Blacklist, COD & TLOU).
I am very excited for Two Souls; I was a huge fan of Heavy Rain, and I think this game will be even better. The only problem is I'll be playing GTA so much that I will probably start playing those other games in 2014.

And of course I'll be buying a PS4 right away. Fuck a XboxOne.
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