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Default Re: How Much You Spending on Video Games in the next 7 months?

Originally Posted by Rose
The Last of Us (pricedrop)
Blacklist (It's possible but they do need to fully win me back first)
NBA 2K14 (probably not release date, will most likely wait for a black friday sale)
Beyond: Two Souls (when it gets cheaper)
Batman: Arkham Origins (maybe depending on reviews.)
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (October 29, definitely)
Battlefield 4 (October 29, sure buy)

Watch Dogs and AC4 I'll get on next gen if I go that way just because I think they'll be better off on that platform. Specifically AC4 because I doubt the no load screens ever happens on this generation. Battlefield 4 I have pre-ordered for 360. I might switch that to a ps4 after e3 and the price announcement.

**** I just noticed those two come out on the same day.

We never agree on anything, but I think Tomb Raider was the best game I've played in a while.

You're not a big fan of GTA?
Yeah our tastes are so different bro; out of all the AAA games, Assassin Creed is probably my least intriguing.
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