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Default Re: How Much You Spending on Video Games in the next 7 months?

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
You're not a big fan of GTA?
Yeah our tastes are so different bro; out of all the AAA games, Assassin Creed is probably my least intriguing.
I played GTA IV in college but was kinda so-so on it. My mom wouldn't let me buy the games because they were violent and you ****ed prostitutes. So by the time I was 17 (the end of 07) GTA IV was gonna come out soon, but I didn't have a job so I didn't get it. Then since I've been in college none of come out.

I actually do/did have a pre-order on this one though. I forgot about that.
And I eat the AC games like they're ****ing crack.

I'd say watch dogs is my most excited then AC.
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