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Default Re: Things Players in Pickup Games Do That Annoy You

Originally Posted by D-Wade316
And this is why I despise playing full court. Halfcourt is way better because it forces players to go up against set d.
Ah, I am the complete opposite. Even with my full court pet peeves, running half court all the time vanquishes my soul. I can't live just playing half court all the time, for it's missing so many aspects of the game I love.

I need to get out and run. More times than not it tends to work out. If other people aren't willing to run, then I look like LeBron James. More likely, at least most of the players on the floor are willing to give an effort and it turns into a great and competitive way to exercise and have fun. But during those doldrums when there's either not enough people to run full or they're not willing to... a piece of me dies inside.
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