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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Originally Posted by KG215
Yeah, I played another couple of hours today and combed through every area very closely, getting everything I could find. Spent most of that time just searching the different rooms in the tower on my way to Elizabeth, and the part on the beaches where you have to catch back up to Elizabeth and find her again.

Got mildly boring, though, since after you find Elizabeth it's a lot of walking/running around and picking-up stuff like money, ammo, and stuff to refill my health and salts bars. The lead-up to Elizabeth in the tower was really interesting, even though there weren't any battles or anything. Searching the beaches, arcade, and promenade felt kind of monotonous, though.
Yeah, maybe it's just a matter of finding a happy medium. Perhaps not necessarily blazing through everything, but then not coming to a crawl. I trust you've found your groove, yes?
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