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Adding to what (e) said, here's a closer look at the Bull's salary situation from HH.

I agree that the Bulls should not pick up Rip's 5M option. He's no longer starter material. I like the current core of Rose/Butler/Deng/Noah. Realistically, I don't think we're going to be able to move Boozer due to his contract, and I don't know if amnestying him will be enough to go after another player who might not even be that huge of an upgrade. I think Boozer's defensive weakness can be hidden playing alongside a healthy Noah, Deng, and Butler.

I'm excited about seeing the healthy lineup of:


I suspect some team will overpay for Robinson, and I don't think he'll be needed. Hinrich can provide a solid 20-25min a game when Rose needs a rest, and luckily Butler can play the 2 or 3. I also see a lot of potential in Teague.

In my opinion, next year a primary concern will be having a bench scorer at the 2 or 3 position. I wouldn't mind bringing Belinelli back to provide some 3pt scoring of the bench at the 2 spot.

So with a bench of:

Possibly Nelli
- maybe Nazr to another one year deal. I think the Bulls need to look for a quality, younger backup C.

Notable Free Agent SG's: Previous Salary
Korver: 5m
Tony Allen: 3.3m
Nick Young: 5.6m
Martell Webster: 1.7m

Nick Young, imo, would be the ideal to have provide relief minutes at the SG or SF positions and give a spark in bench scoring. Not sure how much he can ask for or what the Bulls can offer. Martell Webster is another interesting player who's still young but since the Blazers dont have another SG they will likely resign him.

Notable Free Agent SF's: Previous Salary
Matt Barnes: 850k
Mike Dunleavy: 3.7m

Notable Free Agent C's: Previous Salary
Chris Kaman: 8m
Samuel Dalembert: 6.6m
Ronny Turiaf: 800k

Kaman didn't get much burn this past year, which probably affected his free agency value. He's only 31, which is significantly younger than Nazr. However, in a weak big man era he's likely to still get 6or more a year. Dalembert had that one monster game last year but then didn't get much burn. I'm not sure why he didn't get more pt especially on a team with a less than than stellar front court.

What kind of contracts do the Bulls have to offer? Just the MLE and Mini MLE?
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