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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

Originally Posted by SnakePlissken
Go Getter is also a White Sox fan it seems. He can't possibly think the White Sox can do no wrong either. They've made some horrible decisions the past few seasons. I love the White Sox too.

Chicago fans just accept too much crap. If this was NYC or Boston the fans wouldn't put up with most of the crap that Chicago fans put up with. You can continue to be loyal and continue to cheer a team and still point out their faults and the Bulls, White Sox and Bears have many. The Blackhawks are the only team in town with people running the team that know what they're doing.

Just stop man, I am over here rolling laughing at your paper thin motives here.

NY basketball fans would have done what?

You need to STFU about Chicago man you're a severely wrong (and stupid).

NY he says, lmao!
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