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Default Re: Be strong bulls fans!

Originally Posted by SnakePlissken
Wasn't really talking about the Knicks specifically. I could point out that the Yankees are always trying to compete and win a world series. All the major teams in Boston are always competing. Though the Knicks fans eventually did stop giving a crap about them and pretty much turned their backs on them when they were horrible while Bulls fans continued to follow and support the team no matter what which is why Reinsdorf refused to go out and actually build a great team. Why should he when the Bulls fans continue to buy tickets? That's why I'm worried right now about the Bulls. They're still a couple of moves away from truly competing but with Reinsdorf/Paxson/Forman in charge they'll probably stay as is and not reach that next level. This team still needs one more superstar player to go along with Rose.
Now this fool backpedaling like Deion Sanders. Stand by your word.....Knicks fans woulda revolted by now, they wouldn't put up with this.

Your whole premise is stupid man. Give it up and go spew bullshit in another forum and root for teams with FOs as "smart" as you.
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