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Default Re: Write about your best performance in a basketball game (stat-line included )

Originally Posted by duskovujosevic
in 3x3, ridiculous performance like 5/5 and 3/3 from 3 point line. with great penetration and asists. my mind was like in other dimension, i literaly saw only ball and bottom of the net.

remarkable feeling

Don't think I've ever had an impressive highschoolVars bball game, but had MANY MANY of these pickup statpads against formidable competition (me and 2 AZN's versus 3 dudes 5 inches taller with more XP)

I'm talking back to back blocks, back to back 3's, slashing to the rim to score 6 straight (the trick is to just switch up the crossover, or do a hesitation fade), and snatching o-rebs high up with speeding assists.

And damn does it feel good. It's incredible how momentum and confidence boost your game.
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