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Default Re: The sure to be epic 2013 Jazz off-season!

Malone didnít make any promises.

He called Favors and Kanter "two of the most talented bigs in the NBA right now" but added, "If someone is looking for Karl Malone to come in and wave a magic wand, that ainít happening. These kids will be as good as they want to be. Itís up to them."

Malone has already started working with Favors. Kanter will join the sessions "probably in about a month," after he fully recovers from shoulder surgery. According to Malone, he will approach his new role as mentor "the same way I played ó with everything Iíve got."

Malone is concerned that his part-time return to the Jazz might be misconstrued as something more.

"Iím not going to be sitting on the bench," he said, "and Iím not going to be taking over any meetings. Weíll take some small baby steps and go from there. Ö I donít want to be a distraction."

Asked about his future with the team, Malone laughed and said, "At any given time, if itís not working out for the Jazz or myself, weíll be men about it and go on our way."

Who knows?

Perhaps Malone will end up helping former teammate Jeff Hornacek, who was named the new head coach of the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday.

Asked if Malone might be part of his new staff, Hornack said, "Karl always wants to coach. Iíll call him and see, but I canít ever imagine Karl ó after two weeks heíll want to go fishing. It would be great.

"I know heís going to work with Derrick this summer. Ö Iím happy for Derrick if he gets that opportunity. If Karlís making the rounds working with guys, Iíd love to bring him here to work with a couple guys."

Sounds like maybe they got it done before Jeff did!
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