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Originally Posted by ljsbb27
3-team trade:

Bulls, Nets and Timberwolves.

Bulls trade Deng and Hamilton along with the rights to Mirotic and our first round pick next year to Minnesota and Boozer to Nets.

Bulls receive Kevin Love from the Wolves and Humphries and Brooks from the Nets.

Nets receive Boozer who is a big upgrade over Humphries and also a player who has worked well with DWill and can also help Brook Lopez in the rebounding department. The russian owner of the Nets who is a billionaire has shown a willingness to spend big. If he took on Joe Johnson's contract he may be the only guy out there willing to take back Boozer's.

Wolves receive Deng an all star small forward who is major expiring deal and also Hamilton which they can buy out for 1 million and save even more money. They also receive Mirotic a high value prospect who plays in Spain and has a relationship with Rubio and also a draft pick.

Bulls receive Kevin Love an established all star player who would fit almost perfectly next to Noah and Rose to create a really nice big three. Jimmy would slide in nicely at the SF position to fill Deng's void. Marshon is a guy who can be a scorer who can create his own shot. He needs to be coached up but Thibs may be the perfect coach for him. He has unlimited potential offensively and defensively he has the quickness and length to be an effective defender especially in our system.

I like it, though both trades are slightly unlikely. Making the Rubio - Spain - Mirotic connection convinced me that at least the Wolves would THINK about it. If you swapped out the Bulls pick for the Charlotte pick that we own.. or maybe even gave both.. it may happen. However, I don't see Boozer being taken on by Brooklyn, even with the Russian Billionaire Willing To Spend spin that you put to it. That being said, I'm glad I'm not the only one that values Brooks' game.

What do you think of my trade from above?
I don't envision all of these contracts (Hayes and Jimmer can stay) needing to come back to the Bulls. Once the season is over, and players come off the books, Sac should have more cap space.

Reason -- Bulls get shooting/scoring from Thornton, and a potential top 3 player in the league (in a couple years) in Cousins. Thibs, and the Bulls strong core, can keep Cousins in line (if anyone can, that is), while Sac gets rid of some headaches/contracts while getting two professionals back. And neither professional is a scrub, either. Both can ball. If necessary, I'd throw in either our first or the Charlotte pick to get Cousins. To make this even more of a perfect world (putting this in "reasons" because it would be too perfect) would be the Bulls getting a sign-and-traded Evans included.
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