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Default Re: The Official Starcraft 2 Thread

Originally Posted by falc39
Thing is I believe he already got help at some point and it didn't improve anything. I recall EG paying a psychologist or something to help him, but I don't remember his results improving at that time.

With him off the salary books, and Stephano retiring in months, this should open up a lot of flexibility for them to sign some big name players. Eager to see what moves they make. I'm actually really hoping for them to sign Jaedong to a real contract because I believe he is actually still on loan and he has all the EG qualities in a player.. unlikely at this point, but one can hope lol

On real talk idra said that sports psychologist wasn't really prepared at all, since she didn't knew what is esports and was all like "so you can play video games professionally?" another psychologist wasn't appointed so that's where it ended.
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