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Default Re: official manga/anime thread

Writer Kazuki Nakashima wrote some stuff about Kill la Kill for his Asahi Shinbun column:

-When coming up with the concept, they were very careful to not fall in the "Curse of Gurren-Lagann"; Kill la Kill has a different sort of atmosphere.
-In the most basic terms, Nakashima describes it as a show about the conflict between two super-powered high-school girls.
-Fourze was also a show set in a high-school, but it's completely different from Kill la Kill; Nakashima feels they helped each oitther define their mutual identities. (In the TBS Radio, he quickly explained these ddifference: Fourze was a happy, cheerful story styled after an American high-school; Kill la Kill is a violent and more dramatic and somber story styled after the Meiji Era.)
-Nakashima doesn't want to sound cocky, but he said he had a lot of fun writing it.
-Despite not being originally inteded, the "amount of heat" is higher than that in Gurren-Lagann.
-Nakashima has done most of the writing himself; the show is more Nakashima-like and Imaishi-like than TTGL.
-The screenplay is already in the end-game; Nakashima is about to start writing the final episode.
-He hopes the fighting spirit of Trigger, who separated from Gaianx to form their own company, will be reflected in KLK.
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