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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Originally Posted by Rake2204
I'm with you on that 100%. I very much favored the pre-apocalyptic setting but as you said, I was so locked into the story at that point, I accepted the change without much issue. On subsequent plays, that portion of the game would stick out as my least favorite.

Also, regarding the sniper rifle, good call. I didn't try to use it extensively until my second play through. I didn't know what I was missing.
It took me a little while to realize sniper rifle was probably the way to go in a lot of battles. I don't remember which battle it was exactly, but there was one where a sniper was just sitting there right before it started, so I assumed it'd be useful; and I've stuck with that the rest of the way. I can usually pick-off all but maybe 5 enemies in a battle with a sniper rifle; and that's only because usually several will eventually make their way to where I'm hiding and I have to hit 'em with a vigor or melee attack. And obviously it's harder to kill the Crows, Handymen, Firemen, etc. with a sniper since it takes too long to get off multiple shots.
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